How do I place an order?

You can phone us, fax us or email your request. We will price it and call you with the details. Please open this new customer information form and print out, fill in the requested information and fax or mail to us. 

How do I pay? 

For the first order, we require credit card or bank wire prepayment. There is a fee for wire transfers.  


How do I establish terms with you? 

Please open this credit application, print and fill out, and fax, mail or email to us. We will respond with an answer within 30 days. 

I need plants not listed on your inventory? 

Not a problem. We are known for our ability to locate hard to find product. Please call us with your specs and we will get to work. 

Can you ship to Canada? 

Yes, we just need a few days notice to prepare the phytos. 


How do you package plants? 

You may request single sleeve, double sleeved, poly wrap or boxed. 

Can you bar code the plants? 

For a nominal fee, we can print your supplied bar code and place bar code stickers on the pots.

I don't have a trucking firm to ship from Florida. 

We can take care of that, with our contacts in the shipping industry, we will make sure your plants are picked up by a trucking company that delivers in your area.